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We are a family of unique individuals delivering high-quality strategy, creative and production at speed.

We have 14 years' experience, 75+ talented Wasters, and work with the most exciting entertainment and gaming brands in the world.

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The Waste Way

There’s only ever been one way we do things at Waste and that’s ‘the more you give, the more you get back’. These four pillars form the cultural backbone of Waste, and 14 years on have never steered us wrong.

Be Brave Make it better Be kind Own your shit

Wasters with Benefits

So we talked about the more you give... Well, as a Waster, here’s a few of the things you can expect coming back your way:


Throughout February & August depending on your workload, if you usually finish at 5pm, it’s now 3:30pm. Too busy to log off early? Speak to your line manager and get it moved to another day. Result.


While a few wasters have chosen to come to the office on some days (completely voluntary!), a lot of us are still working from home. Make your workday your own with flexible start times & schedules.


Nobody wants to work over Christmas, especially us, so we don’t. Ranging from 1 - 2 weeks, our Out Of Office is on during the festivities. And as it’s the time for giving, we don’t take it out of your holiday entitlement.


Birthdays are best spent in the pub or eating cake somewhere nice, not in the office - so take the day off! If your birthday falls on the weekend, no worries. You can take it on the Friday before or Monday after.


We’ll be offering up to 2 days per year for you to give back and volunteer your time to a charity or community. Whether it’s fundraising or organising donations, you’ll be able to do this either individually or as part of a team.


To encourage healthier journeys to work and to reduce environmental pollution, we’ll be able to loan you a bike as a tax-free benefit. Get pedalin’!


If and when you choose to come to the office - when the clock strikes 4, it’s cork poppin’ time.


EAP offers access to confidential guidance with face-to-face counselling if required. The service can be accessed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and can help with financial, work, general and medical, family or personal issues.


Christmas and summer parties you'll want to post about (hopefully in person, but we also know how to throw together an online extravaganza).

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"Waste Creative delivered consistency and strength in their creative output. This was backed by a cultural investment and impressive financial results during the most challenging of times."

The Drum DADI Awards – Jury

The Waste Foundation

The Foundation is a non profit arm of Waste that’s purpose is to help make meaningful change within our industry.

Our mission is to design initiatives to support mental wellbeing in the creative and entertainment industry, empower ethnically diverse youth to enter the creative industry and create opportunities for the next generation of talent, through mentorship, creativity, and education.

Email us your details and be first to know when we announce our next initiative.

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The Waste Academy 2019

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D&I Statement

Our D&I Report

Us Wasters are committed to diversity, equality and inclusion. For us diversity and inclusion are not just a tick-boxing activity, but a chance for us to make long-term meaningful change. A diverse workforce means that we’re able to unlock our ability to innovate, be creative, be better problem solvers and provide an inclusive environment for everyone and we encourage candidates from all backgrounds to apply.

By making ourselves accountable, these measures will go some way to make a real difference in diversity and inclusion, but this is only the start. We can do more… and we will.

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